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Gary Gustafson
Web Developer

About Gary

I’ve been designing and building web applications professionally since 1995
Over 25 years developing web applications.
13 years Drupal developer.
10 years WordPress developer.
4 years Mobile App developer.
20 years Database solutions developer.
Providing a one stop web shop.
Can work remotely with clients, supporting every aspect of online services.
Over 300 builds for hundreds of customers


Full Service
Domain Names
How We Work
Web builds take vision, planning, and implementation. It is about discovery and then construction. We create the ideal blueprint for your project so you know what you will get.
These days, content management systems are crucial to managing a modern, effective website. Every site I build features a powerful, yet easy to use, content management system tailored specifically for your needs.
I'm all about doing things smarter and simpler. Website development is no different. I gravitate towards tools and automation that streamline website development, maintenance and updates.
A full service web shop means your domain, hosting, email, design, build, maintenance, marketing can all be provided from one shop. People like that, I think you will too.
We do our best to make your web work easy for you. We handle 100% of the work for many customers, others are very hands on and don't require much assistance after their site is launched.

How much help do you need? We can do that.
We are firmly committed to honesty and fairness in all business interactions. We can charge by the hour or by contract according to the design specifications.

For many customers our WordPress solutions make the perfect site, others require a more enterprise solution like Drupal. Need a mobile app to go with your site. We have you covered.
A domain name for a company is the key that unlocks your web content. Once acquired it can be yours for life. I can register, setup and manage your domain name.
These days a domain name is online real estate. It’s where your brand lives and conducts business. It’s where you drive potential customers to buy and it’s where you build your expertise and authority. So, it should come as no shock that picking a domain name is an important decision.
I will help get you the right domain name, setup the domain name and manage the settings and renewals for you.

Privacy is a big concern, and your domain name should not be left out of the equation. Privacy of all your owner information is included for free.
Everybody has a budget these days, it helps determines the scope of work. All of our fees are based on at hourly rate or by a contract price for a project. We do just about everything by email, phone and zoom for clients all over the country.
Here's How We Work
You contact me about having some work done. We discuss it, and when we agree on a task, set of tasks, or project, I’ll give you a estimate.

When you give it the thumbs-up, I’ll send you an invoice for a deposit payment. I’ll provide a standard contract for us to sign with a description of the specific work.
These days, content management systems are crucial to managing a modern, effective website. Every site I build features a powerful, yet easy to use, content management system tailored specifically for your needs.
You will get a little homework to complete. It may be to gather content, write blogs, supply images or supply login credentials. The amount of homework depends on the level of participation that you have chosen.

I’ll get to work and if it’s a large project, I’ll bill you for incremental payments as we proceed. When the work is finished, I’ll send a final invoice.
Looking for a web solution?
Local or Far-Off
I work for clients all over the country.

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American Home Sales

What People Say

  • Congrats on the Touch the Future website as well! It is gorgeous and quite the miracle!
    Lisa Reagan, Kindred Magazine, Executive Editor
  • We are so excited with your changes. The site hasn’t looked this good and been so organized for ever.
    Jeannette Baxter Tribby, Shotgun Sports Magazine
  • And I'll add that the Web Site is easy to navigate, did I already say beautiful to look at? and it's informative, educational, just wonderful!
    Claudia, Natural Resources, San Francisco
  • The Web Site is so excellent! Wow! I'm truly impressed. It's beautiful, easy to use, and just oozes comfort, nurturing as well as professionalism. Again, wow! Well done! Thank you so much for setting it all up for us
    Pam Caldwell, Herblore
  • Gary, I want to personally thank you for all of the fine work you are doing to help APPPAH's "face" to the world. The webpage is looking so very good and I am often told how easy and fulfilling it is for the staff to work with you. Thanks!!!
    Sandra Bardsley, APPPAH President


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