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The Design/Build Process

A Web site starts with a concept, typically yours. 
The Design/Build Process is our systematic method of taking a Web site from concept to publishing. 
Every new site or site makeover is unique and the cost will be determined on your specific needs.
There is no fee for an initial consultation to see if your project and my expertise are a match.

We are Drupal experts but if your site is more basic or a blog then Wordpress may be an excellent solution.
The following is the standard process we use to plan, design, and produce a web site with you.

  1. The Design Phase - This is a critical step where the blueprints for you site are created. Here we define the intended audience and the information we intend to deliver to your audience and the features the site requires to do just that. We build a flowchart or outline showing the scope and structure of the new site. The navigation which the site requires becomes readily apparent now. We write up a proposal to build your site based on this work.

  2. We Set-up the Your Site – If you do not have a domain with email, these are setup and configured now. We set up your new hosting account, create a database and install the web framework. The menus and pages are flushed out and other features of the site design are started. Your logo and any other images you would like to feature must be provided at this time.

  3. You gather your content - We do give you homework based on the site design to help your content gathering mission. This may take some time so we suggest getting right into it.

  4. Design/Customization Process - We proceed to build your site. Up to this point the concern has been "function first". Now we take a closer look at theming the site. We find that there are many advantages to apply theming to the build rather than building around the theme.

  5. Inputting site content - New Press will input your text and graphic content for you according to the site design. You will be able to create any additional pages and menu yourself via Administration pane later.

  6. Testing, Tweaking and Polishing - We then go through every page of the site, proofreading, testing on different platforms and polishing the theme. A full link check is performed.

  7. Site Launch - When all is ready and on your approval, we make the site live and available to the public. At this time, we’ll help you hone your skills on using the Admin features to make updates or additions to the site.

  8. Hosting and Maintenance - The fee you pay for Hosting and Maintenance includes quality Linux web hosting, (b) regular backups of your site, (c) regular core and modules updates important for the security and stability of your site, and (d) basic support for the normal functioning and use of the site.

  9. Changes and Additions - You will always be able to add, edit and delete pages and posts on your own, but there may be changes that are complicated requiring a web developer’s attention. You can contact us at any time to request changes and additions to the site. Everybody needs a webmaster, you decide on how much.

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